What type of world is this one?

I’ve been thinking about doing a world map based on cubes. When I got this information from WWF I though that I could use it. The idea here is to show the different sizes some countries have regarding their footprint and their bio capacity. There are two types of values but only one scale, the different values are presented by color. If I wanted to give a more precise information I would need to use a scale with smaller ‘steps’. But as I wanted to play around with this I’ve chose to have big ‘steps’ and fewer countries. Any comment will be really appreciated.

By: Pedro Monteiro

Type: Helvetica


About Pedro Monteiro

As Digital Art Coordinator I've been working on planing and designing solutions to publish across different digital platforms, as the iPad, Android tablets, etc. As an consultant for INNOVATION I've been working on concept, project managing and designing applications for several media.
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1 Response to What type of world is this one?

  1. James says:

    EUA is the USA?
    This is a pretty nice idea. You have nice outlook on design that really appeals to me. Thanks for putting these up!

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