Time asked time… (o tempo perguntou ao tempo…)


This is a Portuguese small text that plays around with words. In a ‘free’ translation it goes something like this:

Time has asked time, how much time does time has. Time has answered time, that time has as much time as time has

I wanted to do something with this for sometime now. For this poster I’ve developed a simple horizontal grid with 12 divisions (as much as the ones in a watch) and made a vertical division using the golden proportion. The word TIME is set at 123pt and the smaller words are set also in the golden proportion to the larger type. After that I’ve placed the circles all also in the golden proportion with both the page and the divisions of the page. The text inside the circles rotates at various angles, ‘showing’ time in matter of minutes (each 2º is a minute in a real watch).

By: Pedro Monteiro

Poster: A2, type: helvetica


About Pedro Monteiro

As Digital Art Coordinator I've been working on planing and designing solutions to publish across different digital platforms, as the iPad, Android tablets, etc. As an consultant for INNOVATION I've been working on concept, project managing and designing applications for several media.
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