It’s always about the music


This is a set of posters I’ve done about 4 different albums that where (are) really important for me and my loving of music. Each one was discovered in a different time of my life and showed me something more, something new.

Each part of this image is meant to be a poster by itself, all share the same template based on the golden proportion and the different type sizes relate by using the Fibonacci series.

By: Pedro Monteiro

Posters: A1, type: Helvetica

(this work is meant to be a homage to this bands, all the lyrics are copyright to their writers. Any mistake in the lyrics is mine)


About Pedro Monteiro

As Digital Art Coordinator I've been working on planing and designing solutions to publish across different digital platforms, as the iPad, Android tablets, etc. As an consultant for INNOVATION I've been working on concept, project managing and designing applications for several media.
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One Response to It’s always about the music

  1. Andrew Lyons says:

    This is just great, a great concept, and, I love the way that all the album’s lyrics are overlaid. Nice work!

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