Visualisation Magazine Volume 2 – Circles


I’ve worked with Chris Watson (from Visual Think Map) on the redesign of his great project Visualization Magazine.

This magazine collates some of the most creative and innovative visualisation of information that try to simplify the complex. This volume is based around circles. You can see it on issuuu here.

Please check it out because it includes some amazing works from some brilliant people around the world.


About Pedro Monteiro

As Digital Art Coordinator I've been working on planing and designing solutions to publish across different digital platforms, as the iPad, Android tablets, etc. As an consultant for INNOVATION I've been working on concept, project managing and designing applications for several media.
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3 Responses to Visualisation Magazine Volume 2 – Circles

  1. Justin says:

    This looks great!

    An error though: Müller-Brockmann used Akzidenz-Grotesk rather than Helvetica in the majority of his work.

  2. Luca Masud says:

    I already wrote an email to Chris Watson but no reply for now.
    On the cover Christian Nold is credited for the work I done with Beatrice Lerma and Francesca Vargiu. Nold was the workshop leader indeed but he wasn’t the author of the works made there (there are other great ones at
    The workshop was called “complexity maps” not “mapping”.
    And Hanna Kim and Hyebin Park did not partecipate in the design of this map but made another great one all by themselves (we shared the research part and some initial discussion about the visualization).

  3. chris says:

    helvetica was based on akzidenz grotesk created by gunter gerhard lange… not sure about the right spelling. hoffman and …. miedinger redesigned it and puff… the eponymous helvetica.

    but interesting to know he prefered the original. cheers justin

    only remember names from type timeline i put together.

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