At the speed of light


My cousin Pedro Sá Correia is a great photographer. Some days ago he was showing me his latest works and I had one of those ‘speed of light’ inspirations from one of his pictures. This is the final result.

You can check his work here and, who knows, you might be also as inspired as I was. Thank you Pedro for your great work and to be so kind as to let me ‘spoil’ your amazing picture with some type.

By: Pedro Monteiro; picture by Pedro Sá Correia

Poster: A2, type: Helvetica


About Pedro Monteiro

As Digital Art Coordinator I've been working on planing and designing solutions to publish across different digital platforms, as the iPad, Android tablets, etc. As an consultant for INNOVATION I've been working on concept, project managing and designing applications for several media.
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2 Responses to At the speed of light

  1. Lambday says:

    great piece of work !

  2. Justin says:

    Very nicely done!

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