About us


I’m almost to old to be young. And I’m sure enough that I’m to old to be old to. My life was built around media. TV was my BFF (best friend forever), mags were my escape, newspapers were my comic strip of the day.

I’ve been working in press since I’ve started (not long ago), I’ve been observing our fury and inanimation in coffee shops and news offices. Indifference is growing everywhere. Media help the creation of insensitive automatons in need of a shake. I believe design and comedy to be a good form of wave strong enough to wake up this inane people- such as myself!

Through WHAT TYPE i hope to be involve in some kind of awakening!



My mojo is ideas. Nurturing them, seeing how they evolve or die. I have been having them since for ever, imagining ways to touch the world, figuring how i can help in the creation of an interactive zone of though.

Every chance i get, my work reflects the need i have for debating, brainstorming, team work. But i have a big belly so i am always hunger for more.

So, once again, this is a baby idea i want to share. This time world wide!

Through my profession-graphic design- i intend to build a forum of ideas. Visual ideas, intellectual ideas, goofy ideas… Most of all, i want it to be stimulating for everybody.

Please join me and experience the great unknown of ideas at work!



4 Responses to About us

  1. quarterbit says:

    Only now did I have the time to read this About.
    It is really a pleasure to be in colab with the both of you.
    QuarterBit aka Fernando Fonseca

  2. joana says:

    the pleasure is all ours!!

  3. Josh Patel says:

    It is totally our pleasure to know about you…too much impressed with your work. Keep up the good work…waiting to read some more interesting stuff. Just stumbled and submitted your site to http://Viralogy.com. Hope you get some great traffic from it. Your blog is here http://www.viralogy.com/blogs/my/10763

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