WHAT TYPE is intended to be mainly a social movement. The idea is to put people communicating their concerns by creating questions/answers and then finding a creative way of presenting it. We believe that if you think enough about a problem you will find the solution, mostly because of common sense. The only rule that you have to try to respect for participating in WHAT TYPE is that all the questions should start with what type.

Another thing we’d like to have is people answering works with other work. For instance imagine that you think that a solution for a given question isn’t working, you could take the question/answer and make it your way and then have it sent to our mail so that we can post it as a replay to the original work. With this we would like and expect a debate about creative ways of communication.

So, in short terms, what you have to do to be involved in WHAT TYPE is:

a) Create a question/answer or take one already on the blog
b) Create a way of communicating it
c) Have it send to with title, format, type used and your personal information you want to be on the post
d) Wait to receive a mail from us to let you know that we’ve posted it
e) Show it to all the people you know 😀

That’s it!

The question/answer works like this: you pose a question starting with WHAT TYPE and then you choose letters from the question to give the answer. Like this one we’ve called main question

what type of queStions do you need To Ask oR Think?

So the answer is START


3 Responses to Participate

  1. cinnamon owens says:

    i really like the creative things, how can i get involved in this?

    • whatype says:

      Hi Cinnamon,

      Thank you for your interest. You can get involved by finding a question that you like and then find a creative way of presenting both the question and the answer. Or you can really just make something creative that poses a message important for you

  2. Mary Nelson says:

    I have been told that the type must not detract from the words being read.
    I would like to draw the words in the letters as my personal challenge. I an artist with a very gifted stepson and he loves type. We have much in common.

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