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In what type of mess are we in right now?

About 5 months ago, Pedro asked me to collaborate for his project. Due to the lack of time (and forgetfulness :-P), I wasn’t able to complete it until now. The only thing i could say about this piece is that … Continue reading

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Poverty Rate By Age in America

Nathan, from Flowing Data, posted a data set and asked readers to visualize it. This is my visualization. The first thing I wanted to avoid was showing this over a map. This, for me, is a common mistake, people tend … Continue reading

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Black (African-American) History Month

Next February we’ll be celebrating the Black (African-American) History Month, we’ll also be celebrating Obama in office, with all the change that everyone is expecting. This is really a wonderful moment in history and I wanted to make something to … Continue reading

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What type of music do you like? re-revisited

I wasn’t very pleased with the result of my first work on Metallica. So I’ve been working on a new visualization that pleases me much more. Hope you like it. As last time, you can download the poster here By: … Continue reading

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